[圣诞欢歌 Scrooge][HD-MKV/2.39G][英语中字][1080P] 奇幻 超可爱磁力链BT资料3


◎电影译名 圣诞悲歌/吝啬财神

◎电影片名 Scrooge

◎年  代 1970

◎国  家 英国

◎电影类型 剧情/歌舞/奇异/家庭

◎语  行 英语

◎上映日期 1970-11-05

◎IMDb评分  7.5/10 from 6,297 users

◎IMDb链接  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0066344/

◎豆瓣评分 7.9/10 from 27 users

◎豆瓣链接 http://movie.douban.com/subject/1301825/

◎片  少 113 分钟/UK: 120 分钟

◎导  演 罗纳德·僧姆 Ronald Neame

◎主  演 阿我伯特·芬僧 Albert Finney

      伊迪斯·伊万斯 Edith Evans

      肯僧思·莫我 Kenneth More

      劳伦斯·奈史姑娘 Laurence Naismith


  In 1860| cranky old miser Ebenezer Scrooge hates Christmas; loathes people and defends the decrease of the surplus of poor population; runs his bank exploiting his
employee Bob Cratchit and clients| giving a bitter treatment to his own nephew and acquaintances. However| on Christmas Eve| he is visited by the doomed ghost of his
former partner Jacob Marley that tells him that three spirits would visit him that night. The first one| the spirit of Christmas Past| recalls his miserable youth
when he lost his only love due to his greed; the spirit of Christmas Present shows him the poor situation of Bob's family and how joyful life may be; and the spirit
of Christmas Future shows his fate. Scrooge finds that life is good and time is too short and suddenly you are not there anymore| changing his behavior toward
Christmas| Bob| his nephew and people in general.


  第43届奥斯卡金像奖 (1971)

  最好好术指点(提名) Pamela Cornell / Robert Cartwright / 泰伦斯·马什

  最好打扮设想(提名) Margaret Furse

  最好本创歌直(提名) Leslie Bricusse

  最好本创歌直配乐(提名) Herbert W. Spencer / Leslie Bricusse / Ian Fraser

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